A Simple Analysis website for Medipix/Timepix data from CERN@school projects.

The Timepix Analysis Platform At School allows you to analyse the data you collect from Timepix detectors, producing particle counts that you can easily use for your own analysis. The service allows you to view a per-upload total of counts and a per-frame count. The location of the upload is also shown on an embedded map. Users do not need an account to see data that has been uploaded, but you will require one if you wish to upload data yourself.

This software is written in Python 3.4, HTML5 and CSS3. It has been tested with Python 3.4 on Debian based distributions and Mac OS X.


If you are interested in using TAPAS - this isn’t the guide for you. This documentation is for installation, development and the API.

Please see the TAPAS user guide instead for this information. You can access it here: https://starserver.thelangton.org.uk/tapas/static/docs/TAPAS_User_Manual.pdf